Comic 22 - Episode 2: Part 6

Episode 2: Part 6
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in Episode 2

12th Nov 2019, 4:10 AM
Sin gots a plan...and it's BANANAS BOY! Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!




its going down is yasha and this lady related or something why else would they be the same could be a distraction but i dunno theyre too similar could mean something

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Ahh yes you guys are onto their apparent relation, they might have some sort of relation, probably not what you expect but it could be there :)

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Poor Sin. He's missing out on all the fun. While Yasha is having the spotlight... Or punches.

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Haha yeah poor Sins missing out...on those punches xD

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Oh maybe that's why...

I love the ape's face!

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Oh hey sorry i'm late reply XD

Haha yes I love drawing the gorilla :) He'll be back soon too!

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