Comic 16 - Episode 1: Part 16

Episode 1: Part 16
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24th Apr 2019, 2:48 AM
News: Hey guys! Totally got pulled into something today and can't update the page! See ya Sunday instead :)

Circus be scared. Be very scared!! Thanks for reading! That's the end of Episode 1! See ya Saturday for Episode 2...


SeniHalf < expect things coming from this one in the future...THINGS!


I hate circus too lets kill it. I think Sins the best

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Hahaha yes "Circus" is so dead xD. Man at this rate I should call it Live Sin LOL

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Lovin these characters! LOL good group of friends here, rip em in half!!!!

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Hahaha so glad you like em man! I want this story to be full of colorful weirdos lol. And rip the halves in half!!!

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The expression on Yasha's face is priceless. Cool logo by the way.

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That's definitely my favorite expression of Yasha's so far haha!

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