Comic 106 - Episode 4: Part 24

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in Episode 4

4th May 2020, 1:17 AM

Hey guys! Last blog post before update. Sorry for flipping back and forth, just a busy month! Just wanted to be sure if I could hit 30th, including Idiko redos I'm technically working on 4 comics and writing another XD.

Depending on how far I get I may post what I have on the 30th (even though I want to finish the episode), depends if I can get a good enough cliff hanger! Thanks so much for the patience, after I get my other site up I'll be a lot less busy.



Good thing the only luminous knight here is the perfectly hinged Dona!

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Hahaha the most unhinged of all knights, blinding all with her light XD

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Amazing coloring on this page. I hope they don’t run into the unhinged knight

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Thank you so much fresh!!

So true...let's hope they don't but it's looking pretty bad D:

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Having your powers being taken away would be horrible! Especially ifyou had them your whole life. It would drive you crazy

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Definitely bro!

And the scary thing is...Quinna still being alive might not have been part of this lady's plan D:

I can't wait to show you guys the next and last page of this episode :D

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That last gag made me chuckle pretty hard. Looks like Dona's not off to a good start protecting Quinna.

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I'm so glad you liked that haha XD.

Oh yeah she's off to a great stat !

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